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The Techrangers Handbook

Welcome to the Learning Systems & Technology (LS&T) team, the software and course development group of the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) at UCF. This handbook is a sort of team contract, outlining our mission, values, structure, policies, and practices we’ve found that enable us to do our best work.

How to use the handbook

New employees: start at the top and proceed one step at a time. Take note of the search at the top of the site. This handbook is used by both full-time and part-time (Techrangers) employees, so content that only applies to one group will be labelled as such.


Our work is complex. From the code that powers our applications to the practices that enable us to take on new projects and onboard new team members, there’s a lot of knowledge to go around. Instead of trying to keep all that in our heads, we’ve put it in the handbook and have adopted a handbook first mentality. This helps us to document our decisions, what we’ve learned from them, and how they change over time.

Explore topics

Not every piece of our work fits into a handbook entry, and not every handbook entry will apply to your work. Even still, it’s a good idea to be familiar with the different sections of the handbook.

Help make it better

The Techrangers Handbook can (and should!) evolve over time. If you’d like to add additional information, correct a mistake, or start a conversation on a policy you think should be changed, we encourage you to submit a pull request:

  1. Fork the ucfcdl/techrangers-handbook repository
  2. Make changes in your fork
  3. Open up a pull request into the master branch in the ucfcdl/techrangers-handbook repository